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Cell Phones Recycling Center

Did You Know?

Recycling one million cell phones saves enough energy to power more than 185 US households with electricity for a year.

Did you just get a new cell phone? Are you wondering what to do with the old one? Rather than adding it to your growing collection of unwanted mobile phones, recycle it!

In 2007, approximately 14 million Americans recycled their used cell phones. Today, donating or recycling cell phones, PDAs, chargers, and batteries has never been easier.

Donating your working cell phone or PDA can benefit your community. When cell phones and accessories are in good working order, some programs donate them to worthy charities or sell them at a discount to those in need.

Recycling cell phones helps the environment by saving energy and keeping usable materials out of landfills. Cell phones and PDAs are made of precious metals, copper, and plastics-all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Recycling conserves these materials so they can be turned into new products.

Drop It Off

Drop off or ship your old cell phone, PDA, cell phone batteries, chargers, or other accessories to Citicomm Wireless @ 821 Folsom St #102 San Francisco CA 94107